Our breeding program is based on sound, simple, proven breeding principles. Equal opportunity is afforded all cattle, compared against one another for meaningful ratios for birth, weaning, and yearling weights; turning generations by use of top performance yearlings; the selection of reference sires which match the criteria of our program as use of comparison; and the limited use of line breeding to fix superior genes when identified.

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Our management program is designed to increase the frequency of desirable traits, such as calving ease, early sexual maturity, fertility and mothering ability. This includes all heifers calving as two-year olds; a short 60-day calving period; wintering cows and heifers on hay and straw; no creep feeding of the calves; and the use of bulls on the cow herd that could also be used for calving ease on the two-year old heifers.

Our marketing program is geared to the commercial man and his needs for improving the economical traits that are so vital for him to remain in business.

THE DIRECTION —It’s practical, alive, aggressive…

Remember, we are continually striving to increase the breeding value of our herd to better serve the needs of the industry. In doing this, we find there is no ultimate bull or a single bull that does everything, but we try to use bulls that improve certain traits with as complete a background as possible. We do not base our herd on single-trait selection, but rather on balanced multiple-trait selection. It is our philosophy that the maximum net production can only result by trying to maintain that delicate and difficult balance between maternal traits for calving, reproduction, and growth against gain and carcass evaluation. The "Leachman Direction" is unselfish with its products — the bulls, females, semen, and frozen embryos are all in our marketing program.

THE DIRECTION —It’s efficiency oriented

Every year in March we hold our annual "BUSINESS BULL" sale auction. At this time we offer our entire yearling bull calf crop. No bulls have been sold before the sale, thus offering everyone a chance to own the very best bulls we have to offer. We retain ownership in many of the bulls and use them in our herd to benefit future generations of Leachman Angus cattle.


We annually offer groups of bred heifers and cows for sale at private treaty. These groups are generally available in the fall after pregnancy testing has been completed. Occasionally, we place females in state and national consignment sales.

Semen from many of our bulls is offered for sale through major bull studs that have leased them from us or their new owners, or semen is available from us directly.

The progressive breeder is demanding more and more records in order to make the Right Choice as far as his next herd bull or in expanding his cow herd through female acquisition. EPDs are leading the way in the decision making process, but they also demand their purchases to have predictability, reliability, salability, eye-appeal and efficiency.

Leachman Angus are leading the way. Leachman Angus are time-tested, efficient and trouble-free from conception to calving, to weaning, to yearling, to slaughter — all along the way as well as in the marketing arena.